We at UPM believe that every choice can make a difference. By choosing UPM’s New Future office paper you choose Responsible Fibre. We see the crucial role that forests play in sustaining life on earth. When we look into the forest, we see the future in every tree that is growing there. A future where the renewable wood is used innovatively, efficiently and responsibly.

When you choose Responsible Fibre, you can be sure that:

Responsible fibre – your choice, our commitment!

The New Future Range of Office Papers

The New Future range made of Responsible Fibre verified by UPM includes three different grades: Premium, Multi and Laser.

New Future Premium is an extra white paper for top-quality documents. New Future Multi is a high quality all-round paper for multifunctional applications. New Future Laser ensures quality for black and white volume copy and print.

UPM Biofore delivered through the Responsible fibre verification for a high performance range of UPM office papers, creating a smart choice for a “New Future”.

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Responsibility – you can’t always see it, but it always matters.

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